WHAM Sky Survey

The WHAM Sky Survey (WHAM-SS) is available after two decades of the dedicated work of many and funding provided by the National Science Foundation. Use of the data is open to all researchers; however, it is important to properly attribute all use of these data.

The all-sky survey paper is still being prepared for submission (Haffner, L. M., Reynolds, R. J., Madsen, G. J., et al. 2020, in preparation). Until this work is accepted,  a concise reference for the new southern data is:

Haffner, L. M., Reynolds, R. J., Madsen, G. J., et al. 2010, in ASP Conf. Ser., 438, ed. R. Kothes, T. L. Landecker, & A. G. Willis, 388.

Consult the Northern Sky Survey (NSS) release publication for full details of the facility, survey strategy, and reduction methods:

Haffner, L. M., Reynolds, R. J., Tufte, S. L., Madsen, G. J., Jaehnig, K. P., & Percival, J. W. 2003, ApJS, 149, 405.

When using the survey data, please add an acknowledgments to the effect of:

The Wisconsin  Mapper and its Hα Sky Survey have been funded primarily by the National Science Foundation. The facility was designed and built with the help of the University of Wisconsin Graduate School, Physical Sciences Lab, and Space Astronomy Lab. NOAO staff at Kitt Peak and Cerro Tololo provided on-site support for its remote operation.

More technical background on the WHAM instrument and facility can be found in these references:

Tufte, 1998. PhD Thesis, University of Wisconsin
Haffner, 1999. PhD Thesis, University of Wisconsin

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