Community members look through the telescope in Washburn Observatory.

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Español y Vino: Español y Vino es una iniciativa nacida en el departamento de astronomía para juntarse entre todos quienes hablamos español, sin importar si eres nativo o hablas sólo un poco. La única regla que hay es que hay que hablar en español (o lo más posible, si es que cuesta un poco). La parte del vino es opcional.

Español y Vino is a new initiative in the astronomy department to gather those who speak Spanish, whether you are a native speaker or speak only a little, and have a shared dinner. The only rule of the gathering is that everyone must speak in Spanish for the duration of the event. It’s a great way to strengthen developing language skills with native speakers.

To learn more information or get involved, contact Francisco at


Universe in the Park: Universe in the Park (UitP) is a popular outreach program of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. UitP travels to state parks throughout Wisconsin during the summer camping season, giving talks and slide shows, answering questions, and letting the general public view astronomical objects through one of the UitP telescopes.

To request a UitP program, see the Badger Talks web site at To learn more information or get involved, view the UitP page or contact Jim Lattis at


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