Washburn Astronomical Laboratories

In addition to our research observatories, the department provides a complement of support facilities in computing, instrumentation, and literature research.

The department computing infrastructure includes a number of in-house clusters which are used in conjunction with time on national supercomputing facilities, both for development purposes and production runs.

The instrumentation labs and shops are used actively for instrument development for SALT and WIYN, as well as stand-alone experiments on the ground (e.g., WHAM) and in sub-orbital modes (rocket and balloons). We have a team of scientists, engineers and technicians dedicated to instrument design and fabrication within the department, including a modern machine shop and full-time Instrument Maker.

Other facilities in Physics and Engineerings are available to our staff. Our instrumentation labs in Astronomy include clean-room facilities for detector development; optical assembly, alignment and testing of instruments for 10m-class telescopes; as well as fibers-optics testing and IFU construction.