Committee Assignments 2023-24


  • Chair: Barger
  • Associate Chair: Mathieu
  • Student Bench: Laseter/Habegger
  • Undergraduate Representative: Kotten

Staff Roles

  • Department Administrator: Anderson
  • Payroll: Anderson, Sauer
  • Grants: Anderson, Didier
  • Graduate Program Manager: Sauer
  • Undergraduate Advisor: Heintz
  • Computing, Network: Teche, Williams
  • Travel, meetings, colloquium visitor arrangements, purchasing, building management for Sterling and PBO, educational telescopes and planetarium: Williams
  • Website: Didier
  • Shop: Smith
  • Front office: shared responsibility

Academic Committees

  • Appointments and promotions: D’Onghia, Mathieu (Fall), Tremonti
  • Awards: D’Onghia
  • BOV Liaison: Mathieu
  • BOV Development: Mathieu, Tremonti (Fall)
  • Climate: Didier, Kotulla, Lewis, Pingel, Todd, Torres Villanueva, Akervik
  • Colloquium: Zhang
  • Computing: Kotulla, D’Onghia, Teche
  • Curriculum: Tremonti, Heinz, Lazarian, Stanimirovic, Maseda, McClure, Widicus Weaver
  • Facilities: Barger, Widicus Weaver
  • Finance: Barger, Heinz
  • Graduate Advising: Maseda, Sauer
  • Graduate Admissions: Beatty, Becker, Bershady, Nicandro Rosenthal, Orio (Spring), Sauer, Sha, Soares-Furtado (Fall), Zweibel
  • Prelims: Grier
  • TACs: Zhang, Stanimirovic, Wenger, Bershady, Grier, Soares-Furtado, Tremonti, Beatty, Becker, Grier, Hooper
  • REU Program: Kotulla
  • Space Place & Washburn Observatory: Lattis
  • Undergraduate Advising: Zhang, Stanimirovic, Heintz
  • UitP: Kriewald
  • Maseda Tenure-Track: Bershady, Lazarian, Stanimirovic
  • Zhang Tenure-Track: Zweibel, Stanimirovic, Widicus Weaver
  • Beatty Tenure-Track: Widicus Weaver, Heinz, Lazarian
  • Grier Tenure-Track: Heinz, Bershady, D’Onghia
  • Becker Tenure-Track: Mathieu, Tremonti, Zweibel
  • Todd Tenure-Track: Widicus Weaver, Stanimirovic, Gellman, Bertram
  • Soares-Furtado Tenure-Track: D’Onghia, Bershady, Zweibel
  • Science Lunch: Pingel, Wenger


  • RSS-NIR Project Scientist: Wolf
  • SALT Board: Bershady
  • WIYN Board: Mathieu (President), Heinz
  • WIYN SSC: Beatty, Hooper
  • AURA Member Rep: Mathieu, Heinz (alternate)

College and University

  • Bylaws Committee for WiCOR: Heinz
  • Divisional Committee: Tremonti
  • Faculty Senate: Lazarian, Barger (alternate)
  • Graduate Faculty Executive Committee: Heinz
  • Research Committee: Stanimirovic
  • University Committee: Zweibel
  • EDIB Lead: Sauer
  • Physics’ Ten-Year Academic Programs: Lazarian
  • WIPAC Director Search Committee: Widicus Weaver