Monday Science Lunch Seminar

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4530 Sterling Hall
@ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

An informal seminar series to highlight work from early career researchers from institutions around the world.

Speaker & Affiliation: Haochang Jiang from ESO-Garching

Title: Co-evolution of Substructures and Protoplanets in Disks
Abstract: Protoplanetary disks, the birthplace of planets, exhibit prominent features such as bright rings and dark gaps in both continuum and line-emission maps. In my presentation, I will introduce two innovative perspectives that establish connections between protoplanets, disk substructures, and astrochemistry.
In the context of continuum emission, the accumulation of pebbles within these rings plays a crucial role in facilitating planetesimal formation and subsequent planet assembly. Using N-body simulations, we investigate the feasibility of planet formation within pebble rings and explore how this mechanism can explain the presence of mature planetary systems observed within debris disks.
Furthermore, the presence of rings in molecular emissions also offers insights into the potential occurrence of planet formation. By employing multi-fluid hydrodynamical simulations that consider evaporation fronts, we simulate the process of an accreting planet locally heating its surroundings, creating a gap in the disk, and initiating Carbon photochemistry. The simulation output provides a plausible explanation for certain molecular line distributions observed by ALMA.

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Organized by: Leon Trapman, Dan Rybarczyk, Nickolas Pingel, & Melinda Soares-Furtado