Astronomy Colloquium — Aaron M Geller

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4421 Sterling Hall
@ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Speaker: Aaron M Geller

Title: Goodbye to “Chi-by-Eye” : Results from a Bayesian Analysis of Photometric Binaries in Open Clusters

Abstract: Binary and higher-order multiple stars are ubiquitous, and their evolution can be dramatically influenced by their environment.  Binaries in the field evolve essentially in isolation, while those within star clusters may experience frequent close stellar encounters that can significantly modify, and even disrupt, their orbits.  Most stars like our Sun are believed to be born in star clusters, many of which dissolve to populate the field.  Therefore, our interpretation of the observed binary populations in star clusters and the field (and even to some extent our understanding of star formation), relies on how a population of stars evolves through this more dynamically active stage in a star cluster.   In this talk, I will provide an overview of the work my team and collaborators are pursuing to identify and analyze photometric binaries in galactic open clusters, in order to test predictions of star cluster models and learn about the dynamical state of our galactic open cluster population.

Field: Evolution of multi-stellar systems, REU

Institution: Northwestern University

Tea & cookies start at 3:15 PM. Zoom option available here.