Minoritized Identities of Wisconsin Strengthening Astronomy (MIoWSA, pronounced meow-sa) is a space inclusive to all marginalized and minoritized individuals of our local astronomy community. Individuals can be minoritized based on one or many dimensions of identity including sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, socioeconomic status, and ability. Historically minority or excluded groups in the United States especially include individuals who are not white and do not identify as heterosexual.

Our goals are the following:

  • create a support group for all marginalized astronomers
  • build professional networks of astronomers with marginalized identities,
  • lift the accomplishments of people of marginalized identities,
  • advocating for explicitly antiracist policies to support Black astronomers and astronomers of color
  • doing community outreach geared towards empowering marginalized people to be in STEM

We meet at least once a week for informal discussion of current events in our lives, department, and field or to host discussions with astronomers of minoritized identities to build community with them and learn from their experiences.