Personal Info

My hometown is Lima, Peru, where I lived until I was 16. I then moved permanently to the United States with my parents, studying junior and senior year at Wichita High School Northwest. Since then, I have been a student at the University of Kansas. My majors are physics, astronomy and math. At KU, I currently conduct research under the supervision of Prof. Bruce Twarog and Prof. Barbara Anthony-Twarog. The projects are centered on uvby photometry one way or another. My first research experience was actually in astrobiology, with Prof. Adrian Melott and Prof. Bruce Lieberman as advisors.

I am spending an awesome summer at the University of Wisconsin . Although most of my time is spent in research and research-related stuff, I have been able to do some fun activities...strolling down State St., camping, picnicking at Picnic Point, going to Noah's Ark Waterpark, visiting Yerkes Observatory, the Synchrotron Radiation Center, and overall falling in love with the town and its laid-back atmosphere. If I had a laptop I would work from the Union Terrace every day.

Future plans include studying in Japan for a semester, completing a senior thesis (I am trying to think of this as happening way, way in the future, but it will catch up with me...), going to graduate school in astronomy or astrophysics, getting an academic job, and it gets more vague from then on...