Can you find Earth in this image of Saturn?


 Play ‘Where in the Universe is Sally Ride’s Space Suit??’ 
Catch the thief and return the stolen space suit... a game created by UW-Madison astronomy grad students using Astronomy Picture of the Day images.
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Games and pictures made by NASA specifically for you. 
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Play games with Infrared Light
The Spitzer Space Telescope uses infrared to see past all the dust in our Galaxy. Play these games with infrared light. 

 Special missions in jeopardy, report for duty! 
Help save the Hubble Servicing Mission, hunt for galaxies, fall into a black hole, and more...

 Ever wonder if that was even scientifically possible in that movie?? 
Check out this review of Hollywood blockbusters & their good & bad science & technology

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Watch comedy clips, debunk science mysteries, read the latest in astronomy gossip

 Consider taking up the ultimate challenge  
The yearly Young Scientist Challenge for 5th-8th graders awaits its Madison winner!

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Courtesy of NASA From Earth to the Universe IYA ’09