Where in the Universe...

Although you just missed Pluto by a hair, I have a good lead for you! You're so close to catching that rascal!

I'm Jocelyn Bell Burnell and I work at Jodrell Bank Observatory and just picked up some funny radio transmissions. When I translated them, I discovered it was Pluto telling some little green men that his ship was damaged by a collison with some rocky debris.

To repair it, he needs to collect some fresh iron.

Which objects are sources of newly made iron?
APOD: 2007 April 12 - 
The Cone Nebula NeighborhoodStar forming regions?
APOD: 2002 August 24 - Cas A Supernova Remnant in X RaysSupernova remnants?
APOD: March 26, 1996 - What are Comet Tails Made 

Where do you think Pluto's space depot is located?