Katherine Isabella Townshend (5D25)

Date of Birth: Jul 1852
Date of Death: 26 Oct 1896
Generation: 6th
Residence: Tasmania ?
Father: Richard William (Dick) Townsend [5D03]
Mother: Hebbert, Laura
  1. Armitage, Joseph
  1. Kathleen Mary
  2. Mary Dorothy
  3. Lettice Margaret
  4. Helena Rhodes
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Notes for Katherine Isabella Townshend

Katherine's birth was recorded in the diary of Agnes Townsend [334] - 'July 1852 Mrs RWT had a second daughter.'

Married (1) 27 December 1878 at Christ Church (2), High Harrogate. Dr Joseph Armitage BA of New College, Oxford.

In February 1892, Katherine and Joseph settled in Emu Bay, Tasmania (3) and purchased land. Sadly Katherine died four years later and Joseph died at sea a year after that on 23 October 1897, leaving their four daughters orphaned. They were subsequently brought up by relatives.

Of the children:

Kathleen Armitage (1880-1962) married Rev John Gibson and had at least three children (Katherine, Patrick & Lettice). She died aged 82 in Yorkshire in 1962.

Mary Dorothy Armitage (1875-1972) married Francis Bernard Bourdillon, a nephew of Bernard keene Bourdillon husband of Laura Townshend [5D26] in 1910.

Lettice Armitage (1886-1972) studied art and married Norman Campbell of Loch Dochart.

Helena Rhodes Armitage (1890-1981) lived for a time with Dorothea, wife of Richard Baxter Townsend [5D15] and spent most of her life undertaking further research on 'An Officer of the Long Parliament'. Her research was focused on the origins of Colonel Richard and much of it is now in the possession of Colonel John Townsend [5A26].

(1) Report in the Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1878 - "Dec 27, at Christ Church, High Harrogate, by the Rev F J Armitage, MA, of Casterton, father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev C M Bevan,MA, cousin of the bride, Joseph Armitage, BA, of New Coll, Oxon, Esq., to Katherine Isabella Townsend, daughter of the late Richard William Townsend, of Derry, Ross-Carbery, in the County of Cork, Esq."

(2) Katherine's sister, Mary Townsend [5D24] was married in the same church in 1882. After their father died in 1855 their mother married the Rev Rev WW Gibbon, Vicar of Christ Church, High Harrogate.

(3) Emu Bay is now called Burnie. Katherine's sister, Laura Townshend [5D26] and her husband were living at Emu Bay 1881 to 1886 where he was Vicar of St Georges.