William Richard Townshend (240)

Date of Birth: 1811
Date of Death: dunm 1849
Generation: 6th
Residence: Bridgetown (Coronea)? Skibbereen, Co Cork
Father: Richard Townsend [221]
Mother: Ancram, Katherine
Spouse: Unmarried
Issue: None
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Notes for William Richard Townsend

Under the terms of the will (1) dated 19 January 1841 of their father, Richard Townsend [221], William and his brother Henry Owen Townsend [241] each inherited one moiety of the lands at Ballintona, Coursecroneen and Ardra totalling 341 acres. When the two brothers died in 1849 these lands passed to their brothers Jonas Morris Townsend [237] and John Henry Townsend [238] and were subsequently sold in the Land Court on 26 November 1850.

William was a witness to the Marriage Settlement (2) of his sister Elizabeth Townsend [244] on 15 December 1835.

'Griffith's Valuation of Ireland 1848-1864' records for the parish of Abbeystrowry "Townsend William. Bridgetown, Skibbereen". This could also refer to William Townsend [341] who died in 1853. Bridgetown (alias Coronea) was a property of the Skirtagh branch of the family.

Richard is buried in St Barrahane's Church in at Castletownshend.

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