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This page collects together various web-based tools that I've created to support my research and teaching efforts.

Stellar Structure & Evolution

  • OC-Web, a collection of web-based interfaces to the codes accompanying the textbook An Introduction to Modern Stellar Astrophysics (Ostlie & Carroll).
  • EZ-Web, an on-line stellar evolution code based on Bill Paxton's Evolve ZAMS (EZ) code. I make extensive use of EZ-Web in teaching stellar interiors.
  • Poly-Web, an on-line code for calculating polytropes — simplified stellar models that obey a polytropic equation of state.


  • An ephemeris tool for predicting the times of periodic phenomena in various stars I'm interested in (MiMeS version here)
  • A geochron I created, showing the regions of the Earth's surface in daylight and in shadow.

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