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Download Stuff

In the course of my research, I write a fair bit of code, generate a lot of synthetic data, and create a ton of movies. Most of this 'stuff' sits quietly on my hard drive, slowly decaying from bit rot and slipping into obsolescence. This page aims to preserve a small fraction, in the hope that it will be useful to the wider astronomical community, and perhaps even beyond that.

  1. Software Development Kits
  2. Programs
  3. Code
  4. Visualizations
  5. Data

Software Development Kits

  • The MESA SDK, used for building the MESA stellar evolution code.
  • The Mad SDK, used for building various pieces of software developed within the Madison Massive Star Group.


  • The BRUCE/KYLE code suite, used for synthesizing spectra of stars undergoing non-radial pulsation.
  • The GYRE suite of stellar oscillation codes (hosted externally on BitBucket).
  • The CULSP code, for fast calculation of the Lomb-Scarge periodogram using graphics processing units (see Townsend 2010).


  • An implementation of the ISO_VARYING_STRING extension to the Fortran 95 standard
  • Linux support for Smart Battery System batteries and chargers. Note that this code has been incorporated directly in the Linux kernel since release 2.6.18, and is now maintained by someone far more competent than me.



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