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4.0 release

Post by rhtownsend » Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:48 pm

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of GYRE.

New features in this release include:
  • GYRE no longer needs gfortran 4.10 (aka gfortran 5.0) to compile; it works fine with gfortran 4.9.3
  • Implemented dedicated code paths for real and complex arithmetic, resulting in significant speedups in many cases
  • Added uniform_rot flag and Omega_uni parameter to &model namelist, to enforce rigid rotation on the model
  • Added reconstruct_As flag to &model namelist, controlling numerical reconstruction of the dimensionless Brunt-Vaisala frequency
  • Added rotation_method parameter to &osc namelist, to determine how rotation effects are treated. The possible treatments include the traditional approximation
  • Added inner_bound parameter to &osc namelist, allowing specification of the inner boundary conditions
  • Added r_root_solver and c_root_solver parameters to &num namelist, allowing specification of the real and complex root solvers, respectively
  • Added grid_frame and freq_frame parameters to &scan namelist, allowing specification of the frames in which the frequency grid is distributed and the frequency units are defined, respectively
  • Added 'GRAVITY_DELTA' and 'ACOUSTIC_DELTA' options for the &freq_units parameter in the &scan and &output namelists
  • Added 'MIXED_DELTA' option for the &freq_units parameter in the &scan namelist
  • Renamed ivp_solver_type parameter to ivp_solver
  • Renamed outer_bound_type parameter to outer_bound
  • Renamed inner_bound_type parameter to inner_bound
  • Renamed inertia_norm_type parameter to inertia_norm
  • Renamed variables_type parameter to variable_set
  • Replaced use_banded parameter by matrix_type parameter
As usual, the source code can be downloaded from