3.3 release

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3.3 release

Post by rhtownsend » Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:07 pm

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 3.3 of GYRE.

New features in this release include:
  • GYRE now requires gfortran 4.9.2 or later to compile (earlier versions of the compiler contain bugs, which may result in failed compilation and/or incorrect results)
  • Implemented more-stringent checking of namelist counts
  • Renamed X_n_pg_min and X_n_pg_max parameters to n_pg_min and n_pg_max (as they're no longer experimental). Also, the semantics of these parameters has changed: they now also apply to adiabatic calculations
  • Added prune_modes flag to &output namelist. When set to .TRUE., eigenfunction data for each mode is discarded after the mode is (possibly) written to disk
  • Added support for reading unformatted AMDL-format stellar models
  • Added new deflate_roots flag to &num namelist. When set to .TRUE. (now the default), root deflation allows gyre_nad to avoid converging on the same mode multiple times.
  • Changed the complex root solver in gyre_nad from secant method to a complex-modified Ridders' method; this seems to fix cases of slow convergence.
  • Renamed the FINDIFF_GL2 and FINDIFF_GL4 IVP solvers to COLLOC_GL2 and COLLOC_GL4.
  • Added new FINDIFF IVP solver, which uses Sugimoto's approach to handle thermal instability in non-adiabatic calculations
  • Restricted non-adiabatic calculations to the two (currently) known-to-work IVP solvers: MAGNUS_GL2 and FINDIFF
  • Replaced omega_im output routine with omega_int, which estimates the real & imaginary parts of the eigenfrequency from an integral expression (comparing this against omega provides a good check on the reliability of results)
  • Moved the reduce_order flag from the &num namelist to the &osc namelist
  • Renamed delp output item to lag_P, and other del* items to lag_*
  • Renamed phip output item to eul_phi, and dphip_dx to deul_phi
  • Added eul_P, eul_rho and eul_T
  • Added RESAMP_STRUCT grid operation, which resamples based on changes in the structure variables
  • Changed the units of the dW_dx and W output items
As usual, the source code can be downloaded from