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5.0 pre-release

Post by rhtownsend » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:03 am

Hi folks --

I'm making a pre-release of GYRE 5.0, to allow people to try out the
new functionality and see what works/doesn't. There have been many
changes since release 4.4; some of the highlights are as follows:
  • The adiabatic (gyre_ad) and non-adiabatic (gyre_nad) executables
    have been merged into a single executable (gyre), which handles both
    adiabatic and non-adiabatic cases. To enable the latter, set the
    'nonadiabatic' parameter in the &osc namelist to .TRUE.
  • There are now separate output namelists for adiabatic (&ad_output)
    and non-adiabatic (&nad_output) data, allowing both (or neither) to
    be written.
  • Rossby waves can now be modeled; see the example in
    test/nad/mesa/spb-rossby for a simulation of the unstable mixed
    Rossby-gravity modes discussed in Townsend (2005, MNRAS, 364, 573).
  • Stellar models with density discontinuities are now
    supported. These discontinuities are flagged in the model by double
    points --- two points having the same radius value, but different
    density (and other) values. As of release r8118, MESA can output such
    models --- see the 'add_double_points_to_pulse_info' and
    'double_point_dlnrho_threshold' controls for more details.
  • There have been significant changes in how grids are specified;
    rather than a sequence of &shoot_grid and &recon_grid namelists, now
    GYRE uses a single &grid namelist.
  • There is now full support for relocating boundaries away from the
    surface and/or center of the star.
The code has been stable for a few months now, and so it should be
safe to upgrade (modulo the fact that namelist files may need to be
updated). However, the documentation is lagging behind a bit -- I'm
updating it in a piecemeal fashion, so there may be some gaps. Download the pre-release from here:

https://bitbucket.org/rhdtownsend/gyre/ ... rc1.tar.gz

Please post any problems to the forums, so I can look into
them in a timely manner.