4.3 release

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4.3 release

Post by rhtownsend » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:14 am

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of GYRE.

New features since release 4.2 include:
  • Added the COLLOC_GL6 IVP solver
  • Allowed usage of COLLOC_GL4 and COLLOC_GL6 IVP solvers for non-adiabatic calculations. These give much better results than the corresponding MAGNUS_GL4 and MAGNUS_GL6 solvers
  • Set COLLOC_GL2 as the default IVP solver
  • Added narf_approx flag to &osc namelist; set to .TRUE. to turn on the non-adiabatic radial flux (NARF) approximation
  • Added x_i and x_o parameters to &scan_grid and &recon_grid namelists, to allow the specification of the inner- and outermost grid points
  • Changed the assumed time dependence of oscillations to exp(-i omega t). This means that modes with positive Im(omega) are unstable, and vice versa -- the opposite of the behavior in previous versions of GYRE
  • Changed the m output item to mean the azimuthal order; the interior mass is now accessed through the M_r item
The addition of the COLLOC_GL4 and COLLOC_GL6 solvers is a big step forward; they are faster yet more stable than the Magnus solvers, and should generally be preferred for all calculations. The COLLOC_GL4 solver probably gives the best compromise between accuracy and speed.

As usual, the source code can be downloaded from