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GALFA-HI Image  

Mapping HI in the Milky Way

GALFA-HI is an Arecibo survey of neutral hydrogen in and around the Milky Way.
ISM observations and numerical simulations 

Confluence of ISM observations and numerical simulations

- Statistical investigation of the ISM
- Tiny-scale atomic structure in the ISM


Low-metallicity ISM/IGM

- Properties and evolution of the Magellanic Stream
- SMC HI research
- Spitzer Survey of the SMC
- The complex nature of the ISM in the SMC

Arecibo radio telescope

Radio techniques & applications

  - Single-dish radio astronomy: techniques and applications
  - RFI mitigation
  - 21-SPONGE
  - SKA
Star formation, magnetic fields, and diffuse matter in the galaxy, May 23-27 2016, Madison
Gausspy, developed by Bob Lindner, Carlos Vera Ciro, Claire Murray, Elijah Bernstein-Cooper

Useful notes/links for new research students
Undergraduate research opportunities