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GALFA-HI Image  

Mapping HI in the Milky Way

GALFA-HI is an Arecibo survey of neutral hydrogen in and around the Milky Way.
ISM observations and numerical simulations 

Confluence of ISM observations and numerical simulations

- Statistical investigation of the ISM
- Tiny-scale atomic structure in the ISM


Low-metallicity ISM/IGM

- Properties and evolution of the Magellanic Stream
- SMC HI research
- Spitzer Survey of the SMC
- The complex nature of the ISM in the SMC

Arecibo radio telescope

Radio techniques & applications

  - Single-dish radio astronomy: techniques and applications
  - RFI mitigation
  - 21-SPONGE
  - SKA
A new PhD position is avilable in my research group, starting in the summer or fall 2022. Projects involve GASKAP and LGLBS. Please contact me if you are interested and would like more information.

Star formation, magnetic fields, and diffuse matter in the galaxy, May 23-27 2016, Madison
Gausspy, developed by Bob Lindner, Carlos Vera Ciro, Claire Murray, Elijah Bernstein-Cooper
Cottrell Comic Project

Useful notes/links for new research students
Undergraduate research opportunities