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People who infuse discussion at our group meetings:

Research Associates

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Maicen Stuart

Former Members

  • Samuel Szotkowski
  • Delano Yoder
  • Mallory Weber
  • Skylyn Worzalla (URS)
  • David Nestingen-Palm
  • Claire Murray (NSF postdoctoral fellow, JHU)
  • Elijah Bernstein-Cooper (Omni Resources, Madison)
  • Connor Olson (Undergraduate Research Scholar)
  • Josie Borgen (Undergraduate Research Scholar)
  • Dr. Bob Lindner (21-SPONGE, now data scientist at Earthling Interactive, Madison)
  • Al Lawrence (Sterling SRT, 21-SPONGE, now grad student at Iowa State)
  • Shauna Jacob (West Madison High School, Pine Bluff SRT, now ugrad at Cornell)
  • Sui Ann Mao (Jansky postdoctoral fellow, now Minerva Research Scientist at the Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn, Germany)
  • Min-Young Lee (2013 PhD, now postdoc at CEA, Saclay, France)
  • Nick Pingel (Hilldale fellow; GALFA-HI survey, now PhD at Univ. of West Verginia)
  • Tim Hutchinson (2011-2012, GBT observations of the Stream, now PhD student at Univ. of Utah)
  • Jesse Miller (2012 REU; High optical depth HI in Perseus)
  • Lou Nigra (2012 PhD, now at Adler planetarium, Chicago)
  • Ben Klug (2011 summer, undergraduate at Harvard University)
  • Cody Gerhartz (2011, Arecibo HI observations of galaxies, now graduate student the Uni. of Toledo)
  • Dr. Ayesha Begum (2008-2009, now faculty at IISER, Bhopal, India)
  • Anthony Pavkovich (2009-2010, Low column density clouds, now PhD student at the Univ. of Calgary)
  • Blakesley Burkhart (2009)
  • Nick Balering (2008, GALFA survey, now PhD student at the Univ. of Arizona)
  • Jacob Cychosz (2008, GALFA observations of the Galactic anti-center region)
  • Samantha Hoffman (2006-2007, Hilldale fellow, GALFA observations of the Magellanic Stream)
  • Bill Dirienzo (2006-2007, Hilldale fellow, GALFA observations of Halo clouds, now PhD student at the Univ. of Virginia)
  • Evan De Back (2007, Low column density clouds, now PhD student at Michigan State)