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AST 113 - Hands on the Universe, Fall 2011
3517 Sterling Hall

Professor Snezana Stanimirovic
4514 Sterling Hall, 890-1458,
Teaching Assistant Natalie Gosnell
6283B Chamberlin Hall,

Sections: T 1:20 - 3:15pm; T 3:30 - 5:25pm; W 1:20 - 3:15pm; W 4:55 - 6:50pm; R 1:20 - 3:15pm; F (Open Lab) 1:20 - 3:15pm

Note: Thanksgiving week: Nov 21-25 (NO CLASS)

Prerequisites: Intended to be taken concurrently with Astron 103. Prev Astron 100 or 103 also acceptable. You can not take this lab if you are not taking 103 during this semester, or have not taken 103 in the past.

Needed for class: A lab book (Science Notebook 77-610 available at the University Book Store), a copy of the Lab Manual, completed pre-lab assignments when given, pencils, and a simple scientific calculator.

For your own pleasure: Washburn Observatory Viewing Information

Class Downloads:
Class syllabus (updated on Oct 24)

Astronomy 113 Laboratory Manual: available for purchase from the Social Science Copy Center, room 6120 Social Science¿ Building, 1180 Observatory Drive. The manual (pdf version) is also available from the this web site and can be downloaded and printed.

Schedule and pre-labs:
Lab 1: Celestial Rhythms (weeks 1-3)
Pre-lab (due at the 2nd class session)

Lab 2: Jupiter's Moons (weeks 4-5)
Pre-lab (due at the start of 4th week)

Lab 3: Telescopes (weeks 6-7)
Pre-lab (due at the start of 6th week)

Lab 4: Parallax (weeks 8-9)
Pre-lab (due at the start of 8th week)
Podcast link for pre-lab

Lab 5: The Sun (week 10)
Pre-lab (due at the start of 10th week)

Lab 6: Spectral Classification (weeks 11-13 including Thanksgiving)
Pre-lab (due at the start of 11th week)

Lab 7: Expansion of the Universe (weeks 14-15)
Pre-lab (due at the start of 14th week)