Linda S. Sparke, Professor Emerita

[me at NSF in 2009]

Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1981

snail-mail: Washburn Observatory, 475 N. Charter Street, Madison WI 53706

I retired from UW-Madison on 7 May 2010, and am currently working in the Astrophysics division at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. My phone number there is 202-358-7335.

My astronomical research interests are in the structure and dynamics of galaxies, including observation and modelling of warped disk galaxies and of polar rings around galaxies; dynamical models for bars in spiral galaxies. Since gravity is scale-free, I sometimes indulge in studies of circumstellar and circumbinary disks in eccentric stellar binaries.

Click here for pdf files describing my postdoc and student advisees and a vita (2015)

Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction (Sparke & Gallagher)

This upper-level undergraduate textbook was first published in October 2000 by Cambridge University Press. The Second Edition was published in February 2007. It won the American Astronomical Society's 2008 Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award.
Click here for the Table of Contents and Errata for both editions, and diagrams for the second edition in a form suitable for powerpoint presentations.

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  • Fall 2006: Astronomy 103 'Stars and Galaxies'

  • Spring 2006: Astronomy 730 'Galaxies'

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