Andrew Sheinis: Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of California at Santa Cruz, 2002

Welcome to my website. I am n Assistant Professor in Astronomy at the UW-Madison. My interests lie in astronomical instrumentation and extra-galactic observations of AGN and their host galaxies.

5520 Sterling Hall

email; ; phone 608-262-0492; fax 608-263-6386

snail-mail: Washburn Observatory, 475 N. Charter Street, Madison WI 53706

Here are some of my older SPIE papers (which may be harder to find elswhere on the web), my thesis and my patents. Other publications can be found here

"ESI and Spectroscopy of QSO Host Galaxies" (PDF)

SPIE 4008 | SPIE 3786-413 | SPIE 3786-350 | SPIE 3355-006

US patent Number 05198926 (in PDF) | US patent Number 05289557 (in PDF) |

semi-current CV