About Me Astronomy 103

Nick Hill

Contact Information

Nick Hill
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Astronomy
475 N. Charter St.
Madison, WI 53706

Email: nhill [at] astro.wisc.edu
Office: 6511E Sterling Hall

About Me

I am a second year graduate student here in the Astronomy Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I graduated from Grinnell College May of 2009 with a B.A. with honors in physics. In my spare time, I do a fair bit of cycling and have worked with the non-profit group Bike & Build building houses for affordable housing while riding my bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


I work with Rich Townsend mostly studying massive stars. Currently, I'm focusing on integrating GPUs into spectral calculations of interesting stellar systems and working with Townsend's rigid field hydrodynamical model.


TA for Astronomy 103 Spring 2010 taught by Prof. Matt Bershady. You may follow the link at the top for course related material.