WIYN IFUs / HexPak & GradPak


       Matthew Bershady - PI
       Scott Buckley
       Arthur Eigenbrot
       Jay Gallagher
       Eric Hooper
       Andy Sheinis
       Mike Smith
       Marsha Wolf
       Corey Wood

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This project was funded by NSF grants ATI-0804576, AST-100941, and the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science.
Figures and documents on this and related web pages may not be reproduced or published without permission of the Principal Investigators.

IFU Phase-in Schedule

(i)InstallationTBD - 2013 est.
(ii)CommissioningTBD - 2013/2014 est.
(iii)Shared-Use  (See memo)2014A or 2014B
(iv)WIYN Institution-class Instrument  TBD
(v)Facility-class InstrumentTBD

+ Commissioning:  availability to PI research team for testing and verification of science readiness.
+ Shared-Use Operations:  availability to researchers in collaboration with instrument PIs / instrument team.
+ WIYN Institution-class Instrument:  open availability to researchers resident at all WIYN institutions.
+ Facility-class Instrument:  open availability to community through NOAO as well as WIYN institutions.

IFU Shared Use

If you would like to use HexPak and/or GradPak in "Shared-Use" mode, please follow these directions.

First, read this memo and be sure that you agree with the terms.

If you do, contact the Instrument PI (Matt Bershady, mab@astro.wisc.edu) to reach an understanding on the scope of the agreement.

Next, email the appropriate letter of request listed below to the WIYN or KPNO Director well before your observations. Email the WIYN Director if you are a WIYN-consortium user. Email the KPNO Director if you are using NOAO time.

Note: It is important to cc a copy to the Instrument PI. When he receives this email he will send a similar letter to the appropriate Director so that your HexPak / GradPak shared-use request will be granted should you receive observing time from your TAC.

Shared-Use Request Letter
WIYN-Institution Time NOAO Time
Science PI letter - you send this
Instrument PI letter - I send this
Science PI letter - you send this
Instrument PI letter - I send this
Instructions: fill in blanks and email to ehooper@wiyn.org
with cc to mab@astro.wisc.edu
Instructions: fill in blanks and email to lallen@noao.edu
with cc to mab@astro.wisc.edu



Installation and First Light



Observing Information

Data Processing

last updated: 07 Sep 2013 (mab at astro.wisc.edu)