Quantitative Galaxy Image Structure and Morphology

Matthew A. Bershady

Collaborators: C. J. Conselice, A. J. Jangren

Overview: under construction

Highlights: under construction


Galaxy Form and Spectral-Type: A Physical Framework for Measuring Evolution, Bershady, M. A. 1999, to appear in "Toward a New Millennium in Galaxy Morphology," eds. D.L. Block, I. Puerari, A. Stockton and D. Ferreira (Kluwer, Dordrecht). (preprint: [UW Preprint] [astro-ph/9910037])

The Asymmetry of Galaxies: Physical Morphology for Nearby and High Redshift Galaxies Christopher J. Conselice, Matthew A. Bershady and Anna Jangren 1999, accepted for publication in ApJ (preprint: (preprint: [UW Preprint] [astro-ph/9907399])

Structural and Photometric Classification of Galaxies -- I. Calibration Based on a Nearby Galaxy Samplet, Bershady, M. A., Jangren, A., Conselice, C. J. 2000, AJ, to appear in June. (preprint: [UW Preprint] [astro-ph/0002262])

Structural and Photometric Classification of Galaxies -- II. Application to Luminous Blue Compact Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift, Jangren, A., Bershady, M. A., Conselice, C., Koo, D. C., Guzman, R. 1999, submitted to AJ

Physical Morphology and the Triggering of Starburst Galaxies, Conselice, C., Bershady, M. A., Gallagher, J. S. III 2000, A&A, 354, L21 (reprint: [UW Preprint] [astro-ph/0001195]) Funded under AST-9970780

The Symmetry, Color, and Morphology of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field, Conselice, C. J. and Bershady, M. A. 1999, in "After the Dark Ages: When Galaxies were Young (the Universe at 2 < z &l 5)," eds. S. Holt and E. Smith (American Inst. of Physics Press), 225 (reprint: [UW Preprint]) Surface Brightness of Starbursts at Low and High Redshifts Weedman, D. W., Wolovitz, J. B., Bershady, M. A., Schneider, D. P. 1998, AJ, 116, 1643 (reprint: [high resolution])

Optical Structure and Colors of Faint Compact Narrow Emission-Line Galaxies, Guzman, R., Jangren, A., Koo, D. C., Bershady, M. A., Simard, L. 1998, ApJ , 495, L13 [reprint]

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