WIYN / Bench Spectrograph

Measured Spectrograph Input Beam Profile:

This postscript plot comares the measured output irradiance patterrns for the 4 WIYN cables: MOS red and blue, DensePak, and SparsePak, as listed below. The "reference cable" is also from Bershady et al. 2003, and represents a carefully prepared, spooled, glued, and polished single fiber residing in a laboratory. The "full beam" is a fully-illuminated f/6.3 beam. The "WIYN beam" is the obstructed f/6.3 beam input to the fibers (obstructions from the secondary and central hole in the primary that removes all light slower than f/15.2 -- see the WIYN Simulator.)

modified: Feb 13 '03, MAB