Homework Assignment #10


Section number:

Date Due: Nov. 24

1. How can you tell from an H-R diagram that stars in the Pleiades cluster are younger than those of the Hyades cluster?

2. Why are massive stars able to fuse heavier elements in their cores than less-massive stars? What (otherwise) prevents this from occurring?

3. Describe the origins and characteristics of (a) white dwarf stars and (b) neutron stars. What prevents each star from collapsing upon itself?

4. Calculate the average densities of (a) a white dwarf star of 1 solar mass, that has a radius of 104 km; and (b) a neutron star of the same mass, whose radius is 10 km.

5. If the Sun were reduced to a black hole, what would be the size of its Schwarzschild radius?

6. In what way(s) does a black hole practice cosmic censorship?