Frequently Asked Questions

When's my first discussion section?

There will be no discussion sections held during the first week of classes. Discussion sections start September 8th.

Help! My discussion section time conflicts with another class!

You have two options:

1.) You can wait until classes start and periodically check the online registration system to see if you can get into another section. There are generally a number of people who drop the course and/or change sections at the beginning of the year. Right after the first class should be a good time to check.

2.) Have the discussion section you are registered for be your "real" discussion section and attend another discussion section. This would mean that you still write the number of the discussion section you registered for on all your homeworks, etc, but you would attend another discussion section. All my discussion sections will cover approximately the same material each week. (We don't take attendence in discussion sections, but attending them is a crucial part of getting a good grade.)

Where can I pick up a copy of this week's homework assignment?

You can pick up paper copies of homework assignments in class on Monday or in the ASTR 100 boxes on the 5th floor of Sterling Hall. You can also print out copies of the homework on this website (look under the homework tab in the navigation menu on the left hand side of the page).

When are the first exam results going to be available?

Exams will be distributed in discussion section this week. The average on the exam was an 82.6

Where's the final?

The final is in Van Vleck B102 on Saturday, December 20. Van Vleck is the tower behind Sterling Hall.