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Latest version: 11/25/96

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This is a program that allows you to look at the constellations as they appear on the sky. It allows you to scroll around and zoom in or out.

The "New" constellations were created by H.A. Rey (the author of Curious George) about 40 or 50 years ago. The Standard constellations came from XEphem version 2.8 (they were created by Chris Marriott and translated by Elwood Downey).

I know it's really slow. My apologies for that. I will try to speed it up soon.

I got the idea from StarGazer by stargazer@outerbody.com. Try it. It's very good.

Download the Java Programs and Data Files

If you want to run this program more quickly, you can try downloading the files and running them locally (i.e. use the "Open File" command from your browser).

Source Code: Constellations.java (24k) (written in Java 1.0)

I apologize, but because of the 8.3 filename limit in DOS, these will only work in the newer versions of Windows. Don't even try if you are using DOS or Windows 3.1.

Previous Versions

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Possible Future Directions

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