The Myth of Orion

The Story of Orion has many different forms. Orion is one of the most universal mythological characters. Here is one version of the story handed down from Greek Mythology

This article was contributed by Kevin Grey

Orion, the hunter of Taurus the bull, and Lepus the hare. Followed faithfully by his companions Canis Major, and Canis Minor, he is the dominator of the northern sky. Madly in love with the daughter of King Oenopion of Chios, Metrope, Orion was consistantly denied marriage to her. His love for her raged, and while in a drunken stupor, raped Metrope. Oenopion consulted Dionysis, and found revenge. Dionysis casted Orion into a deep sleep, and plagued him with blindness. Upon awakening Orion sought the help of an Oracle. It told him that to gain his sight back, he would need to travel east, and let the rays of the sun strike his eyes. Orion did this, regained his sight, and later lived in Crete, where the goddess of the moon Artemis fell in love with him. Her love for him was so strong, that she failed to light the evening sky with moonlight. Orion's death came about when Apollo challenged Artemis to hit a speck among the waters of the ocean, not knowing that this speck was Orion swimming. Artemis shot a single arrow killing him. In response to her actions, Artemis placed Orion, along with his companions Canis Major, and Canis Minor in the sky, near the seven daughters of Oenopion, the Pleiades. Here they remained as the mightiest hunters of the night sky.

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