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Phoenix was named by Johann Bayer. It lies between Grus and Eridanus. According to mythology, the Phoenix was a bird of incredible beauty who would live for 500 years. The bird would build a nest of twigs and leaves that would be lit by the noon sun. The Phoenix would then be consumed by the fire, but a small worm would emerge from the fire and grow into another Phoenix.

This constellation, almost universally recognized as a bird, has also been called The Griffin, The Eagle, The Young Ostriches (Arabic), and The Fire Bird (Chinese).

"Phoenix" is the Greek word for dark red or purple. The Phoenix bird was given that name for its color. The region & culture of Phoenicia were given that name because of their famous Tyrian purple dye made out of rotted molluscs, altho' the Phoenicians were the direct descendents of the Canaanites and "kenani" means dark red in Canaanite & may have refered to sunburned complexions.

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