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Kayaking, sailing and windsurfing

My hand-made cedar kayak came across the country with me, and we have great adventures on the waters around Wisconsin. The lakes in Madison are a chain along the Yahara river, which provides many hours of happy paddling each year near home.

The University of Wisconsin Hoofers sailing club is a fantastic group which provides afforable access to sailing and windsurfing lessons and a great fleet on Lake Mendota.


I have a plot in Eagle Heights Community Garden, a local organic community garden, where I grow all sorts of fresh goodies for myself.

Useful Gardening links
Companion Planting
Big list of companion planting
U Illinois Extention. Great info about growing, storing and preserving all sorts of fruits and veggies.
Inverted gardening directions. This is a fascinating idea. I'm currently waiting for a bunch of seedling to get big enough to try this.

Education and Outreach

I've put together a website with tips for undergraduates looking for research opportunities. That can be found here.

Softball and baseball

I've been a fastpitch player for most of my life, and have found a couple Fitchburg Rec. Little League teams to coach with Prof. Eric Wilcots. I also play on the department IM slowpitch team and will toss a ball around whenever I find some willing victim with a mitt.

Being in the midwest means we're in the middle of everything, right? Since moving here, I've driven to 5 major-league ballparks and at least 3 minor-league parks, in addition to our very own Madison Mallards .


While I'm not in it for speed, I love to carry myself wherever I please on my bike. Madison is a great city for this, with an extensive network of bike trails and designated bike lanes. Watch out, the map is a fairly big file, (you'll probably want the key too) but if you're interested, they're well worth checking out.


Yes, it's the midwest, and it get cold here in the winter. But with some gumption and several me_kayaking.jpg Moonstone Beach.jpgwarm layers, getting out and skiing is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the snow. Some of my favorite places to ski are:
The UW Aboretum
Owen conservation park (which is on Old Sauk Rd.)
Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit