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You can see it from here...

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setting moon.jpg Heckers visit

It's a little log cabin, 24'X16' with a loft and everything that you really need in the world. No running water or electricity, a wood stove, books and the family.
We (meaning mom, dad and family friends) began laying the solid foundation in 1985. With the aid of my alligator squirt gun, I kept everyone cool. Since then, the cabin and I have grown up alongside each other.

This is a page in progress, and more history and pictures will come soon!

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In all seasons, it's a place to relax and take a deep breath, forget what day of the week it is and just enjoy the moment. Winter brings great skiing; I first figured out how to stay on my feet young, and am still skiing at my own pace. Many a friend has been introduced to the joys of exploring the silent winter woods.

images/spring_bunkhouse.JPG rainbows over the cabin Spring brings the sunflowers, lupine and yarrow. Everything is green and growing and blooming.

images/fire sky fire cumulous Summer is the dry season. There's plenty of dust, but the breezes over the ridge keep it cooler than down in the valley. In the Methow Valley and environs, there have been several large forest fires in the past few years which produce spectacular and surreal skies.

texas mnt to bust!.jpg rafters.jpg When building began on the cabin, dad was in the fire department, and his buddies lent an invaluable hand. They came with their trucks (decorated in style!) and in a few years, the bare ground had been covered with the skeleton of our strong log cabin.

images/cabin_sunset3.jpg images/snowy_sunrise.JPG images/cabin_sunset4.jpg images/from the bunkhouse window