Astronomy 103: Spring 2008 (Lecture with Prof. Andy Sheinis)
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T.A.  Information:
    Ella Braden
    Office:  4514 Sterling Hall
    Phone:  (608) 265-2554
    Email:  ebraden_at_wisc_dot_edu (replace _at_ with @ and _dot_ with .

Ella's Schedule

This website is here to help you access information about the class and suplementary material that might be helpful to you. I will update it as homework sets and solutions are given out so that you can access them here as well as on Prof. Sheinis' website.

All of the class lectures, handouts and homework sets can be found on Prof. Sheinis' website.

Office Hours: 
Monday 11:45am-1:15pm, Wednesday 11:00-12:30, Thursday 1:45-3:15, Friday 11:00-12:30 and by appointment.

Online Office Hour: 
I will be available on Sunday nights from 8:00-9:00pm on AOL Instant Messenger and gmail chat as astro103ella and will be actively checking emails.

Section Number / Class time  /  Location: 
    413:     8:50-9:40am Wednesday    6515 Sterling
    414:    9:55-10:45am Wednesday    6515 Sterling
    415:    3:30-4:20pm Wednesday    6515 Sterling
    416:    8:50-9:40am Friday    6515 Sterling
    417:    3:30-4:20pm Thursday    6515 Sterling   
    418:    9:55-10:45am Friday    6515 Sterling

Assignment 1:
Assignment 1 Solution
Assignment 4:
Assignment 4 Solution