Movies of ASH simulations


This movie shows a magnetic field reversal in Case D5 of Brown et al. 2011.  Here, the vector magnetic field is shown by field-line renderings in a cutaway view of the full sphere where both poles are visible (north top, south bottom), with color giving the polarity (red, positive; blue, negative) of the longitudinal magnetic field Bϕ.  Two large-scale magnetic wreaths are visible, one in each hemisphere.

The movie shows a reversal of the field in the wreaths.  At the start of the movie, red field dominates the northern (top) hemisphere.  New blue field replaces the red wreath, while the relic wreath field migrates towards the north pole.  The southern hemisphere shows the opposite behavior.  At the end of the movie, the reversal is complete.

See Brown et al. 2011, “Magnetic Cycles in a Convective Dynamo Simulation of a Young Solar-type Star”, ApJ, for further details.

Magnetic Field reversal in case D5

Here is another neat view of this; this movie was done as a visualization project in collaboration with Carson Brownlee at University of Utah and several others, including the visualization staff at TACC and the VAPOR team. 

Here much more sophisticated ray tracing is done and several views are shown.  This copy of the movie is an early cut, but later versions (here on Vimeo) have been entered in several competitions and are featured in this WIRED article on scientific visualization.

High resolution quicktime (.mov) (77 Mb)