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    RV-6 November One Niner Charlie DeltaEXPERIMENTAL !  was constructed from the outstanding kits provided by Van's Aircraft, between September 1988 and December 17, 1993, by Chris and Dottie Anderson of Madison Wisconsin. The completion date is, by the way, the 90th anniversary of the Wright Bros. first flight and we actually did finish it on that date. The FAA didn't get out to inspect untill February 28, 1994.
    The first flight was on March 19, 1994. The photo was taken about two months later, after the paint job. The photo was taken by Dottie from the back seat of Bob Beckman's A36 Bonanza over southwestern Wisconsin. Yes, that's me flying; this plane has NEVER been off the ground without me in the left seat. Bob and I were coached in formation flying by Capt. Kip Hendershot, an F-16 pilot with the Wisconsin ANG TFW which is based right next to my hangar at Madison's Truax Field.

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By the way, it's dark (Corsair) blue (Imron) , not black. But no, I'm not an old Navy guy, I just liked the color of the F8F Bearcat in the EAA Eagle Hangar. The white "recognition stripes" are a visibility enhancement idea I got from a red AT-6. The checker board rudder was the idea of one of my daughters.
Here are some aircraft parameters of interest: For more details the Pilot's Operating Handbook which I wrote at the suggestion of my FAA inspector,
is now on line.
As of July 2002 we are approaching 850 hours on the plane. We have flown it from coast to coast and border to border. It's been into some deap throat IFR conditions. And basic aerobatics are a real blast.

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