The Neutral Oxygen Red Auroral Line Data

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In this figure the open circles are the Hydra data from 970316 and the filled circles are the Densepak data from 970318. For the Hydra observations it was necessary to subtact the brightness of the foreground [OI] airglow. The [OI] intensities in the 15.0 and 22.5 arc minute outer rings (not show in this plot) were equal within errors and were adopted as the airglow value for each of the six frames individually.During the course of the March 16 Hydra observations the terrestrial airglow foreground increased from just less than the minimum intensity seen in the ring of fibers at about 1.3 x 105 km to just greater than the maximum intensity in that same ring.

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The vertical spread at individual radii are real differences in the intensity at differing Position Angles with respect to the Hale-Bopp nucleus. For the March 16 Hydra data these are shown below

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These are the time averages of the six useful frames from this night. Open circles are used for the nuclear intensity at the top, for the 5-fiber ring at 40 arc seconds which corresponds to a distance from the nucleus of 38,400 km and the 12-fiber ring at 2.4 arc min (138,000 km). Filled circles are used for the 6-fiber 69 arc second (66,240 km) ring and the 23-fiber 6 arc minute (346,000 km) ring. The sky brightness which has been subtracted was determined from the two 24-fiber rings at 15 and 22.5 arc minutes which were clearly dominated by terrestrial air glow.

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