Research interests: I am interested in the co-evolution of galaxies and their supermassive black holes, and the role of feedback in regulating star formation.

Aleks Diamond-Stanic

Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Astronomy

University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI 53706

office: 4518 Sterling Hall

email: aleks [at]


2010    PhD, Astronomy, University of Arizona

            Advisor: George Rieke

            Thesis: Black Hole Growth and Star Formation in a Complete Sample of Seyfert Galaxies

2004    BA, Physics, Carleton College


2013 - present    Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Astronomy,

                           University of Wisconsin-Madison

2010 - 2013        Center for Galaxy Evolution Fellow, Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences,

                           University of California, San Diego

Recent Talks & Press Coverage

2013 Jun    Galaxies Within the Cosmic Web, Chicago, IL

                   Talk: Probing Gas Flows in the Cosmic Web with Background Galaxies

2013 May   UCSD Astrophysics Seminar, San Diego, CA

                   Talk: Probing the Gas Around Galaxies and Black Holes

2013 May   UCSD Press Release:

                   Extreme Star Formation Reveals a Fleeting Phase of Galactic Evolution

2013 Jan    American Astronomical Society, 221st Meeting, Long Beach, CA

                   Talk: High-Velocity Outflows From Eddington-Limited Starbursts

2012 Sep    TIME Magazine article:

                    Blowhard Galaxies and the Great Cosmic Wind

2012 Sep    Keck Science Meeting 2012, San Diego, CA

                    Talk: Probing Extreme Galaxy Outflows and Gaseous Halos with Keck          

2012 Aug    UCSD Press Release:

                    Intense Bursts of Star Formation Drive Fierce Galactic Winds