The WHAM Survey comes to you after a decade of the dedicated work of many and generous funding provided by the National Science Foundation. We have released the data to the community for use in other studies.

For proper acknowledgement of our efforts and our funding sources, it is extremely important that you properly reference the survey when using any of the data available here in your work:

Haffner, L. M., Reynolds, R. J., Tufte, S. L.,
Madsen, G. J., Jaehnig, K. P., & Percival, J. W.,
ApJS, 149, 405.

If you use these data, we also request that you insert a line in your acknowledgments to the effect of:

"The Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper is funded by the National Science Foundation."

Other information about WHAM and the survey can be found in:

Reynolds, Tufte, Haffner, Jaehnig, & Percival. 1998, Publ. Astron. Soc. Aust., 15, 14
Tufte, 1998. PhD Thesis, University of Wisconsin
Haffner, 1999. PhD Thesis, University of Wisconsin

Thank you!