AAS/DPS/APS Meetings

Note: While conference proceedings are considered published works, posters sometimes represent work more "in-progress". They are provided here mostly to provide some depth beyond an abstract on what was presented. If you wish to use or refer to material in a poster that is not contained in a published proceedings, we strongly suggest you contact one of us to see if there is a more up-to-date, accurate reference.

AAS 221 (Jan 2013): Long Beach, CA

The Kinematics of Warm Ionized Gas in the Fourth Galactic Quadrant. Gostisha, Benjamin, Haffner, Hill, & Barger, 2013, AAS, 221, #349.30 [PDF]

Magnetic Fields in the Smith Cloud. Hill, Benjamin, Mao, McClure-Griffiths, Lockman, & Gaensler, 2013, AAS, 221, #440.02 [PDF]

AAS 217 (Jan 2011): Seattle, WA

Studying the Temperature and Ionization State of the Warm Ionized Medium. Halford, Mierkiewicz, Reynolds, Madsen, Haffner, Barger & Roesler, 2011, AAS, 217, #251.09 [PDF 2.1M]

WHAM Discovery of a New Superbubble in Circinus. Gostisha, Benjamin & Haffner, 2011, AAS, 217, #251.08 [PNG 3.7M]

The Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper Sky Survey: A First Look at the Global Distribution of Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Milky Way. Chopra, Haffner, Reynolds, Madsen, Hill, Barger, Jaehnig, Mierkiewicz, Percival, Pingel, Reese & Gostisha, 2011, AAS, 217, #251.07 [PDF 7.2M]

MHD Simulations of a Supernova-driven ISM and the Warm Ionized Medium. Hill, Joung, Benjamin, Haffner, Klingenberg, Mac Low, Waagan & Wood, 2011, AAS, 217, #251.06 [PDF 2.7M]

Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Magellanic System: Early Results from WHAM-South. Haffner & Madsen, 2011, AAS, 217, #251.05 [PDF 2.6M]

Ionized Gas in the Magellanic Bridge: A First Look at New Observations with WHAM. Barger & Haffner, 2011, AAS, 217, #251.04 [PDF 1M]

AAS 215 (Jan 2010): Washington, DC

Ongoing Search for Metal Line Emission in Intermediate and High Velocity Clouds with WHAM. Barger, Haffner, Madsen, Hill & Wakker, 2010, AAS, 215, #415.29 [PDF 807k]

Early Results from the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper Southern Sky Survey. Haffner, Reynolds, Madsen, Hill, Barger, Jaehnig, Mierkiewicz & Percival, 2010, AAS, 215, #415.28 [PDF 5.9M]

WHAM Observations of Ionized Gas in the Smith Cloud HVC. Hill & Haffner, 2010, AAS, 215, #415.27 [PDF 3.1M]

AAS 211 (Jan 2008): Austin, TX

A Faraday Rotation Measure Anomaly Due to the Cygnus OB1 Association. Whiting, Spangler, Ingleby & Haffner, 2007, AAS, 211, #139.12

WHAM Observations of the Extended Lunar Sodium Tail. Line, Mierkiewicz, Haffner, Oliversen & Roesler, 2007, AAS, 211, #56.10

AAS 209 (Jan 2007): Seattle, WA

Velocity Resolved Observations of the Extended Lunar Sodium Tail. Line, Mierkiewicz, Roesler, Haffner & Oliversen, 2006, AAS, 209, #25.19

Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3: O(1D) and H2O Production Rates. Hall, Mierkiewicz, Haffner, Roesler & Harris, 2006, AAS, 209, #25.13

Mapping [O III] Emission in Diffuse Ionized Gas. Baeber, Haffner, Reynolds, & Madsen, 2006, AAS, 209, #17.22 [PDF 6.9M]

Density Distribution of the Warm Ionized Medium. Hill, Benjamin, Reynolds, Haffner, Kowal, & Lazarian, 2006, AAS, 209, #17.23 [PDF 7.2M]

AAS 209 (Jan 2006): Washington, DC

The Relationship Between Pulsar Dispersion Measures and Interstellar Hα Intensities at High Galactic Latitude. Hill, Benjamin, Reynolds, & Haffner. 2005, AAS, 207, #81.08 [PDF 16M]

Mapping the Ionized Component of High-Velocity Cloud Complex A. Duncan, Haffner, Madsen, & Reynolds. 2005, AAS, 207, #64.01 [PDF 620k]

Emission Line Spectroscopy of Large, Diffuse Planetary Nebulae. Madsen, Frew, Parker, Reynolds, & Haffner. 2005, AAS, 207, #8.12

AAS 205 (Jan 2005): San Diego, CA

WHAM Multiwavelength Observations of the Zeta Oph H II Region. Baker, Haffner, Reynolds, & Madsen. 2004, AAS, 205, #139.03 [537k]

Unresolved Hα Enhancements at High Galactic Latitude in the WHAM Sky Survey Maps. Chaudhary, Reynolds, Madsen, & Haffner. 2004, AAS, 205, #139.02 [PDF 4.8M]

The Heterogeneous Nature of the Warm Ionized Medium in the Galaxy. Madsen, Reynolds, & Haffner. 2004, AAS, 205, #41.05 (talk)

APS/DPS 44 (Nov 2002): Orlando, FL

Exploring the Galactic Warm Ionized Medium with WHAM. Haffner. 2002, APS/DPP, #KM1.002 (talk)

AAS 200 (Jun 2002): Albuquerque, NM

Diffuse, Warm Ionized Gas. Haffner. 2002, AAS, 200, #33.09 (talk)

Exploring Faint, Large-Scale Filaments in the Warm Ionized Medium of the Galaxy. Madsen, Reynolds, Haffner. 2002, AAS, 200, #42.02

AAS 199 (Jan 2002): Washington, DC

The Wisconsin Hα Mapper Northern Sky Survey. Haffner, Reynolds, Madsen, Tufte, Jaehnig, Percival, Hausen. 2001, AAS, 199, #58.01 [PDF 15M]

The Heterogeneous Nature of the Warm Ionized Medium. Madsen, Reynolds, Haffner. 2001, AAS, 199, #58.02

A Straight and Narrow Ionized Filament: Normal Filamentation or Stellar Contrail?. Benjamin, McCullough, Madsen. 2001, AAS, 199, #151.04

Determination of the Far Infrared Cosmic Background Allowing for Foreground Emission from the Warm Ionized Interstellar Medium. Odegard, Swek, Arendt, Haffner, Reynolds, Hauser, Sodroski. 2001, AAS, 199, #16.09

AAS 198 (Jun 2001): Pasadena, CA

WHAM Observations of Hα from High Velocity Clouds: Are They Galactic or Extra-Galactic?. Wilson, Tufte, Madsen, Reynolds. 2001, AAS, 198, #96.03

AAS 196 (Jun 2000): Rochester, NY

The Extended Distribution of Ionized Hydrogen in M31. Madsen, Reynolds, Tufte, Haffner, Maloney. 2000, AAS, 196, #28.02

Measurements of [O I] 6300/Hα Intensity Ratios in Four H II Regions. Hausen, Reynolds, Haffner, Tufte. 2000, AAS, 196, #26.19

AAS 194 (Jun 1999): Chicago, IL

Measurement of Hα Emission toward HD93521 and the Lockman Window. Hausen, Reynolds, Tufte, Haffner. 1999, AAS, 194, #47.19

Emission Line Measurements toward HD93521: [S II] 6716 and [N II] 6584. Pifer, Reynolds, Tufte, Haffner. 1999, AAS, 194, #47.18

A Survey of UV Interstellar Absorption Lines with STIS. Jenkins, Tripp, Bowers, Roesler, Reynolds, Haffner. 1999, AAS, 194, #71.03

AAS 193 (Jan 1999): Austin, TX

WHAM observations of Hα, [S II], and [N II] toward the Perseus Arm: Probing the Physical Conditions of the WIM. Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 1998, AAS, 193, #83.05 (talk)

AAS 191 (Jan 1998): Washington, DC

The WHAM Hα Sky Survey: Early Results Haffner, Reynolds, Tufte, Jaehnig, & Percival. 1997, AAS, 191, #50.03

DPS 29 (Jul 1997): Cambridge, MA

The Wisconsin/GSFC Hale-Bopp Observing Campaign. Scherb, Roesler, Harris, Nordsieck, Anderson, Klinglesmith, Woodward, Mierkiewicz, Haffner, Tufte, Oliversen, Hilton, Doane, Tilleman, & Vincent. 1997, DPS, 29, #32.01

AAS 190 (Jun 1997): Winston-Salem, NC

First Results from the WHAM Spectrometer: Hα Emission from HVCs and the First Detection of He I 5876 from the WIM Tufte. 1990, AAS, 190, #17.02 ()

AAS 188 (Jun 1996): Madison, WI

Summary of the Diffuse H II. Reynolds. 1996, AAS, 188, #31.05 (talk)

First Results from WHAM. I. Hα from HVCs, He I 5876 from the WIM, and the First WIM Temperature Measurement. Tufte, Reynolds, Haffner, & Jaehnig. 1996, AAS, 188, #43.08

First Results from WHAM. II. Diffuse [O III] 5007 at High Latitudes and Hα emission from HVCs near Mrk 509. Haffner, Reynolds, & Tufte. 1996, AAS, 188, #43.09

Fabry-Perot Observations of [OI] 6300, Hα, H-Beta, and NH2 Emissions from Comet Hyakutake C/1996B2. Scherb, Roesler, Tufte, & Haffner. 1996, AAS, 188, #62.11