First WHAM Map

The first WHAM map was obtained during August, 1996 from Pine Bluff Observatory near Madison, WI. The region below covers Galactic longitudes 90 -- 100° and Galactic latitudes -5 -- +5°. The 121 spectra that make up this data cube were 30 seconds exposures and the whole map took only about 80 minutes.

Each map dipicts gas moving at slightly different velocities as denoted in the title of each map (LSR velocities—sorry for the small font!). The veocity bin for each map is 12 km/s wide. The last map shows the total emission over all velocities.

The bright feature at the upper left of each map (100, +3) is the H II region Sharpless 131 (S131). The bright feature near (95, -2) in the -60 -- -24 km/s maps is S124. Since gas in our local spiral arm is typically near ~ 0 km/s (LSR), S124 is probably in the Perseus spiral arm.

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