For the last several decades, Astronomy, the oldest of the sciences, has been one of the most exciting fields of modern scientific research. New discoveries concerning the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the origin of the universe continue to be made by both ground and space telescopes. Understanding and pursuing modern astronomy requires a solid background in physics, mathematics and astronomy.

The astronomy-physics major, administered by the Department of Astronomy, offers undergraduates the opportunity to study modern astronomy and to develop the background in physics and math necessary to enter graduate programs in physics or astronomy or to pursue careers in technical fields in industry. Students who intend to continue astronomy in a graduate program are strongly encouraged to do a Senior Thesis; Astro 681/682 (honors) or Astro 691/692.

Research Universities like the UW-Madison offer undergraduate students the unique opportunity to become involved in forefront research at the cutting edge of science. Beyond developing technical and scientific writing skills, the immersion in a research program in the Astronomy Department at UW-Madison gives students the opportunity to develop a genuine understanding of the process and culture of modern science.

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