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How Can I Schedule a UitP Session?

UitP is naturally suited for those parks that normally host evening programs, but any state park can schedule a UitP visit. Bear in mind that the best viewing is from an open area with clear views of the southern sky. We schedule UitP visits based on requests and the availability of UitP volunteers to lead the sessions. To schedule a UitP visit, please contact either Prof. Eric Wilcots at 608-262-2364 ( or Kay Kriewald at 608-262-9251 ( The UitP schedule will be updated as events are added.

We do ask that parks in the northern part of the state try to coordinate UitP visits with each other so that we can visit two or more parks in one trip. We are open to scheduling UitP sessions on any day of the week, though we prefer weekends for visiting the more distant parks. As always, we will schedule as many UitP sessions as possible. We are also interested in extending the UitP season into the fall when the skies get darker earlier (and fewer mosquitos are to be found).

A note on the time: We recommend that you schedule the talk to start no earlier than sunset. In early summer, this is often 9 pm. Although we know this is inconvenient for younger campers, it is necessary because it takes at least half an hour after sunset for the sky to get dark enough to set up the telescope.

Please contact Prof. Wilcots if you have questions or wish to schedule a Universe in the Park visit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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