*NOTE: The images are linked to each other, and if they are fairly large, I put titles and naviagtion links at both the top and the bottom. For smaller images that will probably fit on most people's screens, there is just a title at the top. Eventually the pictures will be arranged in meanigful categories, but for now it is just arbitrary category one and two. If there end up being a lot of pictures in a category, the categories can have separate pages, with links to each category on this main archive page. Right now the titles are just the file names -- they can be changed later to just a descriptive term and coordinates, or could be paragrahs, if anyone wants to write them. :-) (any changes or suuggestions welcome)

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Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire

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Category 1

[image] bub_308.72_0.63

[image] bub_309.53_-0.74

[image] bubs_320.09_0.60

[image] cool_316.79_-0.04

Category 2

[image] cool_318.07_0.09

[image] cool_319.41_0.00

[image] cool_320.28_-0.31

[image] cool_321.93_-0.00

[image] fire_314.20_0.34

some images added 5-19-04:








some test color variations:

[image]G308.72+0.63_RCW79 version a

[image]G308.72+0.63_RCW79 version b


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