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Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire

A Spitzer Legacy Science Program

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2MASS & MSX Images in the GLIMPSE Field

Possible GLIMPSE Observing Strategy Validation Objects

G305, 1x1 degree field of view centered on l=305.3, b=+0.2

G333, three 0.5x0.5 degree regions

Southern Hemisphere (l=-10 to -80)

G284.3, 0.5x0.5 degree centered at l=284.3 and b=-0.32, pixel scale=1.2"/pix: possible OSV target


These images are 3-color combinations of J, H, and K; or J, H, and MSX (displayed in blue, green and red colors, respectively). The mosaic images in each band were created with Montage using the 2MASS quicklook images and MSX images. The images were converted to units of Jy, and the MSX images were scaled down by a factor of 15 (so you can see the J, K contributions). The background matching on the JHK images is not perfect, especially in the G333 region. This could be due to airglow in the H-band images.

We are in the process of mosaicing the entire GLIMPSE survey region at J,H,K and MSX 8 micron. This will provide quicklook comparisons for quality assurance of our GLIMPSE data, and will also be useful in our scientific analyses.

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