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  • PC=Pyle Center
  • MUT=Memorial Union Theater
  • FC=Fluno Center

9:00-10:30Workshops: Survey Overview I (MUT)Galaxy Quenching (MUT)Stellar Pops. in Spiral Galaxies (MUT)
10:30-11:00Coffee Break (MUT)
11:00-12:30AGN (MUT)Awesome Talk Potpourri (MUT)Substellar Companions and Cosmology (MUT)
2:00-3:30Survey Overview II (MUT)Parallel Sessions II (PC)EPO Hack Day (PC 209)Parallel Sessions IV (PC)
3:30-4:00Coffee Break & Poster Session (PC)
4:00-5:30After Sloan-IV (PC 226)Parallel Session I (PC)Parallel Session III (PC)EPO Hack Day (PC 209)Parallel Sessions V (PC)
5:30-7:00COINS Discussion (PC 325/326)Data discussion (PC 325/326)
(6:30 pm end)
TDSS Working Meeting (PC 325/326)
7:00-9:00Welcome Reception (PC Roof)CoCo Dinner
8 pm Public Talk (FC) Eisenstein
Conference Dinner (FC)

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Sunday, 26 June, 2016

10:00am–4:30pm — Education and Public Outreach (EPO) Workshop

Pyle Center Room 209

Both teachers and scientists are invited/encouraged to attend this workshop. More information

10:00 AMKate Meredith
Karen Masters
10:30 AMKaren MastersSDSS EPO and Plates for Education
10:50 AMTBCThe Sloan Digital Sky Surveys Mapping the Universe
11:30 AMJordan RaddickSkyserver Navigate, Explore, Notebook and Image List
12:00 AMKate MeredithVoyages — What is SkyServer?
12:30 PMLunch
1:30 PMDanielle Skinner
Kate Meredith
Distribute Plates — Ordering, Storing and Poster Printing
2:15 PMEPO TeamHosting a Plates for Ed Workshop — Tools and Resources to Make it Easy
3:00 PMKatie GrabowskiAnatomy of a Plate
3:30 PMKaren MastersSpectroscopy Crash Course
4:00 PMKate MeredithWhat’s on Your Plate? — Tools and Techniques for Exploring Your Plate
4:30 PMKate MeredithWrap up for Teachers

7:00 pm — Opening reception

An pening reception will be held on the Pyle Center Rooftop. In case of rain, the location will be moved to the Pyle Center Alumni Lounge.

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Monday, 27 June, 2016

9:00–10:30 — Survey Overview I

Chair: David Wake
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

25m+5mM. Blanton Status of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV
15m+3mJ.-P. Kneib eBOSS Overview
15m+3mC. MacLeod The Time Domain Spectroscopic Survey: Overview
15m+3mM. Eracleous AGN 101 — An Introduction to the Central Engines of Active Galaxies and Quasars

11:00–12:30 — Active Galactic Nuclei

Chair: Mariana Cano
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

15m+3mJessie RunnoeNow you see them, now you don't: the (dis)appearing central engines of changing-look quasars
15m+3mJohn Ruan Properties of Variability-Selected Quasars in TDSS
15m+3mKate Grier Broad Absorption Line Variability in Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasars
15m+3mEdmond CheungSuppressing star formation in quiescent galaxies with supermassive black hole winds
15m+3mYue Shen The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project

2:00–3:30 — Survey Overview II

Chair: Michael Wood-Vasey
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

15m+3mAnne-Marie Weijmans
Joel Brownstein
Data Extravaganza
15m+3mAxel SchwopeSPIDERS: Status and first results
15m+3mKevin BundyEarly Results from the MaNGA Survey
15m+3mCarlos AllendeAPOGEE overview
18m Lightning Talks

4:00–5:30 — Parallel Sessions I

4:00–5:30 — Precise Stellar Parameters and What to do With Them

Chair: Jennifer Sobeck
Pyle Center Vandeberg Auditorium (Room 121)

12m+3mRob WilliamsA Pipeline for the Analysis of APOGEE data based on Equivalent Widths
12m+3mRachael BeatonAPOGEE, Gaia, and the Distance Scale! Oh My!
12m+3mSarah SchmidtExamining the colors of the coolest dwarfs in APOGEE
12m+3mJohanna TeskeExoplanet Genetics: What Host Star Chemical Abundances Reveal about Exoplanets
12m+3mCayman UnterbornMapping Stellar Compositions to Gauge Rocky Exoplanet Diversity
12m+3mRoger CohenLifting the Veil: Bulge Globular Clusters with VVV, HST, and More

4:00–5:30 — Gas and Dust in Galaxies

Chair: Ting Xiao
Pyle Center Room 325/326

12m+3mTing-Wen LanExploring the diffuse interstellar bands with the SDSS
16m+4mKai ZhangThe Impact of Diffuse Ionized Gas on Emission-Line Ratios, Interpretation of Diagnostic Diagrams, and Gas Metallicity Measurements
16m+4mAleks Diamond-StanicThe Incidence, Geometry, and Kinematics of Extraplanar Gas in MaNGA Galaxies
16m+4mYifei JinProperties of galaxies with kinematically decoupled stellar and gaseous components
12m+3mKelley HessAPERTIF Status Update and Synergies with MaNGA

8:00 pm — Public Talk: Daniel Eisenstein (CfA)

Jere and Anne Fluno Lecture in Astronomy
Fluno Center Auditorium

Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound
Sound waves propagating through the plasma of the Universe only 400,000 years after the Big Bang now offer some of our most precise measures of the composition and history of the Universe. In the last decade, we have been able to detect the fossil imprint of these sound waves using maps of the distribution of galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I will give an overview of the cosmological role of the sound waves and our observational program then describe what the results tell us about the shape of the Universe and the evolution of dark energy.

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Tuesday, 28 June, 2016

9:00–10:30 — Galaxy Quenching

Chair: Aleks Diamond-Stanic
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

15m+3mKaren MastersGalaxy Quenching 101
15m+3mMelissa NessThe Age Map of the Milky Way
15m+3mCheng LiMaNGA: Gradients in recent star formation histories as diagnostics of galaxy growth and death
15m+3mFrancesco BelfioreNebular lines in MaNGA as a probe for the transition between star formation and quiescence within galaxies
15m+3mYing ZuConstraining Galaxy Formation Physics from Large-scale Structure Statistics of Galaxies and Clusters

11:00–12:30 — Awesome Talk Potpourri

Chair: Gail Zasowski
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

15m+3mYanmei Chen (given by Christy Tremonti)The growth of the central region by acquisition of counter-rotating gas in star-forming galaxies
15m+3mMatthew ShetroneStellar Abundance Measurements 101
15m+3mSara LucatelloCommittee On INclusiveness in Sloan
15m+3mEPO Extravaganza
5m: Karen MastersEPO Overview
5m: Danielle SkinnerPlate Distribution for EPO
5m: Anne-Marie WeijmansShine: Music and Art with MaNGA
18mLightning Talks

2:00–3:30 — Parallel Sessions II

2:00–3:30 — Galaxy Dynamics

Chair: Francesco Belfiore
Pyle Center Vandeberg Auditorium (Room 121)

12m+3mGail ZasowskiChemodynamics of the Milky Way Bulge
12m+3mLuis GarmaBar Pattern Speed Estimates in MaNGA galaxies using the Tremaine-Weinberg Method
12m+3mElena D'OnghiaSignatures of radial migration in the Galactic Disk
12m+3mAnne-Marie WeijmansExploring MaNGA’s Kinematic Maps
12m+3mErik Aquino-OrtizDynamical scaling relations for galaxies of all types with CALIFA and MaNGA
12m+3mSamantha PennyQuenched Dwarf Galaxies in MaNGA

2:00–3:30 — QSO and Galaxy Clustering

Chair: Mariana Vargas Magana
Pyle Center Room 325/326

15m+3mMarcos Pellejero (given by Chian-HSun Chuang)Extracting Cosmological Constraints from eBOSS QSO Clustering
15m+3mAbhishek PrakeshAngular Clustering of eBOSS LRGs using Photometric Redshifts
15m+3mChia-Hsun ChuangQSO Mock Catalogues: Constructing Covariance Matrix for QSO Clustering Measurements
15m+3mMiguel Angel De Icaza LizaolaQuasar Clustering from eBOSS
15m+3mJulian BautistaEffect of Spectroscopic Incompleteness in Galaxy Clustering

4:00–5:30 — Parallel Sessions III

4:00–5:30 — Cosmology with eBOSS

Chair: Chia-Hsun Chuang
Pyle Center Room 325/326

12m+3mTimothy HutchinsonRedmonster Redshift Measurement and Spectral Classification
12m+3mDaniel EisensteinCosmology from the large-scale three-point correlation function in BOSS
12m+3mTimothee Delubac (given by Jp Kneib)Systematic search for strong lensing candidates in BOSS and eBOSS spectra
12m+3mNelson PadillaRedshift Space Distortions Around Voids
12m+3mMariana Vargas-MaganaReconstruction on eBOSS Samples
12m+3mSiddharth SatpathyMeasurement of the Growth Rate of Structure in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey

4:00–5:30 — Milky Way and Other Spiral Galaxies

Chair: Kyle Westfall
Pyle Center Vandeberg Auditorium (Room 121)

12m+3mBob BenjaminStructure of Milky Way 101
12m+3mJeff NewmanMilky Way Analogs in MaNGA
12m+3mJonathan BirdPrecision Galactic Archaelogy w/APOGEE
12m+3mTed MackerethConstraining Galactic Disk Formation Models with APOGEE and EAGLE
12m+3mMaria del Carmen Argudo-FernandezSFH of spiral isolated galaxies with MaNGA
12m+3mFriedrich AndersThe Milky Way's radial abundance gradients through cosmic time

Collaboration Dinner at Fluno center

  • 7–7:30 pm: Drinks and appetizers
  • 7:30 pm: Main course served

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Wednesday, 29 June, 2016

9:00–10:30 — Stellar Populations of Spiral Galaxies

Chair: Inese Ivans
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

15m+3mJennifer JohnsonStellar Populations 101
15m+3mJamie TayarPrecision Tests of Stellar Isochrones
15m+3mSara Bertran de LisCosmic variance in [O/Fe] in the Galactic disks
15m+3mJon HoltzmanChemical Cartography and Gradients in the Milky Way
15m+3mSebastian Sanchez SanchezThe Oxygen Abundance Gradients Explored with MaNGA

11:00–12:30 — Substellar Companions and Cosmology (aka All Hail the 2010 Decadal Survey)

Chair: TBA
Memorial Union Theater (Shannon Hall)

15m+3mNicholas TroupCompanions to APOGEE Stars
15m+3mEtienne BurtinRedshift Distortions 101
15m+3mPauline ZarroukQSO clustering with the SDSS-IV eBOSS survey
15m+3mMichael BlomqvistQuasar absorption cosmology with BOSS and eBOSS
15m+3mAnand RaichoorThe eBOSS ELG survey: overview and status

2:00–3:30 — Parallel Sessions IV

2:00–3:30 — Star Clusters

Chair: Rachael Beaton
Pyle Center Vandeberg Auditorium (Room 121)

12m+3mSten HasselquistIdentifying Sagittarius Stars in the Milky Way Halo
12m+3mRicardo SchiavonEvidence for multiple populations in metal-rich Galactic globular clusters
12m+3mParker HolzerInhomogeneous Chemical Compositions of Dwarf Stars in the Open Cluster M67
12m+3mBaitian TangMultiple Populations in NGC 6553 Through the Near-IR Eyes of APOGEE
12m+3mAlexandre RomanAPOGEE2 spectra of O-stars: Opening a new window on the study of massive stars in the Galaxy
12m+3mChien-Cheng LinSearching for Be Stars in Star Clusters with LAMOST and PTF

2:00–3:30 — Stellar Populations in Other Galaxies

Chair: Anne-Marie Weijmans
Pyle Center Room 325/326

15m+3mRenbin YanProgress on the MaSTAR program
15m+3mNell BylerSynergies Between Resolved Star and Integrated Light Studies of Galaxies with MaNGA and HST
15m+3mMeng GuThe Deep Coma Plate
15m+3mShravan ShettyThe COMA3D Project: A Study of Coma Cluster Galaxies Using IFU Data
15m+3mFanting YuanStar Formation History of the Galaxy Merger Mrk848 with SDSS-IV MaNGA

4:00–5:30 — Parallel Sessions V

4:00–5:30 — From Local to Global

Chair: Maria Argudo
Pyle Center Room 325/326

15m+3mAshley SpindlerThe Spatial Distribution of SF in MaNGA Galaxies
15m+3mJorge Karolt Barrera-BallestreosThe SDSS-IV MANGA Local Mass-Metallicity Relation: Do Global Relations Emerge From Local Ones?
15m+3mMariana Cano DiazSpatially Resolved Star-Formation Main-Sequence of Galaxies
15m+3mHector IbarraThe global and local stellar mass assembly histories of galaxies from the MaNGA survey
15m+3mZheng ZhengEnvironmental Dependence of Galaxy Metallicity and Age Gradients

4:00–5:30 — Chemical Tagging

Chair: Melissa Ness
Pyle Center Vandeberg Auditorium (Room 121)

25m+5mCharlie ConroyChemical Tagging and Spectral Fitting with APOGEE
25m+5mNatalie Price-JonesThe Dimensionality of Stellar Abundance Space using Red Clump Stars from APOGEE
25m+5mEmma Fernandez-AlvarCharacterization of the Galactic Stellar Halo with APOGEE

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