2016 Whitford Lecture by Ken Sembach

The Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute will describe NASA big, bold new space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope and Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope.

Oct.26.2016 | Continue Reading »

2016 Stebbins Award

Congratulations Dhanesh Krishnarao on winning the 2016 Stebbins award for his work using the WHAM telescope to study the inner Sag-Car spiral arm of our Galaxy.

Oct.20.2016 | Continue Reading »

Hilldale lecture draws noted astrophysicist with climate message

Noted astrophysicist Frank Shu will talk about reversing climate change when he visits the University of Wisconsin–Madison to deliver the Hilldale Lecture in the Physical Sciences.

Oct.06.2016 | Continue Reading »

The Planets: An HD Odyssey Gives Tour of Solar System

The Madison Symphony Orchestra opened their concert season last weekend with Gustav Holst’s masterpiece, “The Planets,” accompanied by a stunning HD film.

Sep.28.2016 | Continue Reading »

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Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.29.2016 | Details »

Astrophysics Flagships, Present & Future

Ken Sembach, Whitford Lecturer, Space Telescope Science Institute, Director

Colloquium; Special Event; Nov.03.2016 | Details »

"Stars Prefer Partners: How Binary Star Systems Form"

Ben Tofflemire, UW-Madison Astronomy Dept.

Space Place; Nov.08.2016 | Details »

Colloquium 11/10/2016—Tristan L’Ecuyer

Tristan L'Ecuyer , University of Wisconsin, Madison

Colloquium; Nov.10.2016 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Nov.12.2016 | Details »

"Galatic Archeology"

Eva Grebel, Bautz Lecturer , Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Zentrum für Astronomie, Director

Special Event; Nov.16.2016 | Details »

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