Rich Townsend Awarded Tenure

Rich promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

Aug.18.2014 | Continue Reading »

Nick Hill - Best Student Speaker at Bright Emissaries Conference

Nick Hill wins award at recent conference

Aug.18.2014 | Continue Reading »

Three Newly Minted UW-Astro Ph.D.s

Three thesis defenses in one week result - a new record? Congratulations new UW-Astronomy alumni Isak, Blakesley, and Natalie!

Aug.04.2014 | Continue Reading »

Badger Astronomers who worked on the launch of the Sloan 4

As the MaNGA survey provides data, we congratulate these Wisconsin Astronomers who contributed their expertise to the project. Here's a run-down on who was involved.

Jul.21.2014 | Continue Reading »

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"Filaments in simulations of Molecular Cloud Formation"

Gilberto Gomez, , UNAM, Mexico

Colloquium; Oct.02.2014 | Details »

Special Science Lunch Talk 10/03/14 - Koji Mukai

Koji Mukai, Goddard Space Flight Center

Lunch Talk; Oct.03.2014 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.04.2014 | Details »

Science Lunch Talk 10/06/14 - Polina Zemko

Polina Zemko, Padova

Lunch Talk; Oct.06.2014 | Details »

"Puzzles in the Structure of Disk Galaxies"

Stephane Courteau, , Queen's University

Colloquium; Oct.09.2014 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Oct.11.2014 | Details »

The Art of Modeling Stars: How Video Games Help Astronomy

Nick Hill, UW-Madison Astronomy Department

Space Place; Oct.14.2014 | Details »

"The Interstellar Medium in M31 - Small-Scale Processes in an Extragalactic Context "

Karin Sandstrom, , University of Arizona

Colloquium; Oct.16.2014 | Details »

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