The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) recently received an upgrade to its mirror segments.

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Image of Circinus X-1 Selected as Picture of the Week

This beautiful image of Circinus X-1 is from a recent paper authored by Professor Sebastian Heinz and an international team of collaborators.

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Professor Bryan Gaensler Visits Department as Whitford Lecturer

Join us April 14th from 3:30-5pm for a talk by Professor Bryan Gaensler, Director of the Dunlap Institute and the UW Astronomy Department's Spring Whitford Lecturer.

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ISM Conference in Madison

The conference on star formation, magnetic field, and turbulence — honoring the contributions of Richard Crutcher and Carl Heiles — will be held May 23-27 in conjunction with the 2016 Midwest Magnetic Fields Meeting.

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Turning Stars into Gold

Prof. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Jeff and Julie Diermeier Distinguished Visitor, University of California-Santa Cruz

Space Place; Jun.02.2016 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Jun.08.2016 | Details »

The Great Eye in the Desert: Radio Astronomy with the Very Large Array

Claire Murray, UW-Madison Astronomy Dept.

Space Place; Jun.14.2016 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Jun.15.2016 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Jun.22.2016 | Details »

Universe in the Park at Mirror Lake State Park

Universe in the Park; Jun.25.2016 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Jun.29.2016 | Details »

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