Congratulations DK, 2017 Chambliss Award Winner

Madison Graduate student Dhanesh Krishnarao was awarded a 2017 Chambliss Award for exemplary research presented in a poster at the 229th AAS meeting in Grapevine, TX. Congratulations!

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Snezana Stanimirovic Named 2017 Vilas Associate

UW-Astronomy Professor Snezana Stanimirovic was named a 2017 Vilas Associate - congratulations on this well-deserved honor.

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The Fall 2016 Washburn Observer

Read our latest newsletter, with exciting science, updates on department news, stories about life as an astronomer, and much more.

Dec.21.2016 | Continue Reading »

Filaments and Swirls in a Massive Galaxy

With the help of the Hubble Space Telescope, a team of scientists including Jay Gallagher and Ellen Zweibel have imaged the messy gas in the galaxy NGC 4696.

Dec.07.2016 | Continue Reading »

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Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Mar.01.2017 | Details »

"The Internal Structure of Interstellar Filaments in the Southern Milky Way"

Audra Hernandez, UW Madison Astronomy Department

Colloquium; Mar.02.2017 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Mar.04.2017 | Details »

03/09/2017 Adam Leroy

Adam Leroy, Ohio State University

Colloquium; Mar.09.2017 | Details »

Saturday Science Workshop

Space Place; Mar.11.2017 | Details »

The Turbulent World of Astrophysics

Alex Lazarian, UW-Madison Astronomy Dept.

Space Place; Mar.14.2017 | Details »

Washburn Public Observing

Washburn; Mar.15.2017 | Details »

03/16/2017 Ned Wright

Ned Wright, UCLA

Colloquium; Mar.16.2017 | Details »

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