The WIYN Open Cluster Study: A 15-Year Report

Type Conference Paper
Names Robert D. Mathieu, WOCS Collaboration
Proceedings Title Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society
Conference Name AAS Meeting #222, #214.03
Date June 1, 2013
Short Title The WIYN Open Cluster Study
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Abstract The WIYN 3.5m telescope combines large aperture, wide field of view and superb image quality. The WIYN consortium includes investigators in numerous areas of open cluster research. The combination spawned the WIYN Open Cluster Study (WOCS) over a decade ago, with the goals of producing 1) comprehensive photometric, astrometric and spectroscopic data for new fundamental open clusters and 2) addressing key astrophysical problems with these data. The set of core WOCS open clusters spans age and metallicity. Low reddening, solar proximity and richness were also desirable features in selecting core open clusters. More than 50 WIYN Open Cluster Study papers have been published in refereed journals. Highlights include: deep and wide-field photometry of NGC 188, NGC 2168 (M35), and NGC 6819 (WOCS I, II, XI and LII); deep and wide-field proper-motion studies of the old open clusters NGC 188, NGC 2682 (M67) and NGC 6791 (WOCS XVII, XXXIII and XLVI); comprehensive radial-velocity surveys of NGC 188, NGC 2168 and NGC 6819 (WOCS XXXII, XXIV, and XXXVIII); metallicity and lithium abundances in NGC 2168 (WOCS V); comprehensive definition of the hard-binary populations of NGC 188 and NGC 2168 (WOCS XXII and XLVIII); rotation period distributions in NGC 1039 (M34) and NGC 2168 (WOCS XXXV, XLIII, and XLV); study of chromospheric activity in NGC 2682 (WOCS XVIII); photometric variability surveys in NGC 188 and NGC 2682 (IX and XV); new Bayesian techniques for determination of cluster parameters (WOCS XXIII); a new infrared age-diagnostic for open clusters (WOCS XL); theoretical studies of stellar rotation (WOCS XIII and XIV); sophisticated N-body simulations of NGC 188 (WOCS LI); and the discovery of a high binary frequency and white dwarf companions among NGC 188 blue stragglers. While the WIYN 3.5m telescope remains at its heart, today the WIYN Open Cluster Study collaboration extends beyond both the WIYN observatory and consortium, and continues as a vital and productive exploration into these fundamental stellar systems. Publication list can be found at ata/wocs/pubs.html. The WIYN Open Cluster Study has been continuously supported by grants from the National Science Foundation.
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